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I love my GPS watch which I've had for a couple of months, the GPS tracking feature is great for my running training. I have found though, that tracking my daily activity (steps & distance) is wildly inaccurate! Whilst driving to work & back I can do a couple of thousand "steps" due to vibrations of the steering wheel. Moving my watch-wearing arm at all, results in many added steps, even if I'm sitting down for hours. Drying a few dishes, standing in one place, and you'd swear I'd walked around the block. I have found that I am going back to my $80 Zip Fitbit which hooks on my bra, to get my step count & only using the Tomtom for tracking GPS exercises. Is this inaccuracy normal, and is anyone else finding this? Can I alter the sensitivity of it maybe? Thanks!


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    That is pretty much par for the course (not just with the TomTom's I find) and there is nothing you can do to adjust it. The activity tracker is detecting steps based on movement and incidental movement of your arm will be enough to trigger steps. It is not an exact science, it is meant to be directional guidance. For every extra step it picks up from brushing your teeth, or moving your arms while talking or driving, it is missing steps when you are walking pushing a cart or walking with your hands in your pockets. Again, it is meant to give you a directional view if you are active enough, not an exact count. I personally find it directionally accurate, in that during a day I am fairly active it is picking up more steps than on sedentary days. If it is off by a few hundred or a thousand steps I am not concerned, if I am several thousand short it means I need to get up and move around more. But it is going to vary by person and how you wear the watch. It should be on your non-dominant arm to limit false steps, which will also cut down on distance.

    I do find the distance measures are definitely overstated. The steps may be right but it is putting too much distance per step, increasing the overall distance. Since this is not a meaningful metric to me it doesn't really bother me though. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the stride length, which is assumed based on your height and gender (and if you happen to have legs that are a bit shorter or longer than average it will be off).

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.
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    This certainly did answer my question, with a couple of handy tips to boot, so thank you very much ?