Download Central Europe Maps for a Fiat 500e (2016) USA Uconnect 5.0 Nav

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I have imported a Fiat 500e (USA) 2016 to Switzerland.
The Fiat is equipped with a built-in navigation device.
UConnect 5.0 RA Navigation, see photo 01.
The device no. TOxxxxxNxxxxxx / 4930, see photo 02.
Now I wanted to download the maps of Central Europe via the TomTom-Home website USA, this does not work.
If I enter the first 2 letters comes immediately an error message,
Your device is not compatible with the selected item, see photo 03.
Who can help me and / or how to handle this lock?

Thanks for your support.

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  • VikramK
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    Hi Lupetto

    Welcome to the community:)

    The built in devices are factory fitted depending on the region where the car will be sold. The map compatibility differs for every device model.

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Andrew Man
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    Did you try the world map? It seems to be compatible with "TO" navigation devices. I mean this one:

    Its more expensive but seems to be the only alternative to get the navigation running.

  • Lupetto
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    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the tip.
    The price is not decisive, the alternative I found very good, as it is the only way to load European maps (e.g. Switzerland, German or Austria).

    Yes; I have the world map, which according to TT-Home for this device with "TO" of
    TT-Home is released, purchased for download.
    You can buy this world map but the data is not downloaded to TTH and you get an invoice for nothing.
    After a call to TomTom I was informed by the technical department
    that the world maps do not work for this device.
    On the homepage of TomTom these world maps data are still released, although I have pointed out that it does not work.
    One has only machinations!
    After consultation with TomTom, however, the invoice amount was refunded to me.

    Conclusion: FCA US LLC (Fiat USA) is unable to provide correct maps for
    to release this device. Not even the Customer or Owner service of Fiat USA is capable of that.

    For all Europeans who have imported a Fiat 500e, vintage 2016, with this device, do not download these world maps from TTH because they will not work.

    Maybe an accomplished Fiat engineer will finally tackle this problem.
    It can not be that difficult to rewrite a few records that you can download and use the
    world maps.

    Fiat USA can be happy that their old vehicles are imported to Europe.

    Thanks again, you were my last hope.

    With kind regards
  • MartinGTE
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    Hi! Wondering if there is already a simple solution to this 'simple issue'.

    Same Fiat 500E here in The Netherlands. Tomtomhome does allow me to install other maps (South America, Carribean), but no world & no European maps based on my device...

    Thanks for any help.


  • MartinGTE
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    With help of tomtomsupport and my device-info, I was able to purchase the worldmap. Next: tthome does not show it... Screendump of systeminfo to support revealed that it is not possible! :'( (and that I can get my money back)

    See Dutch text:
    "Helaas moet ik u mededelen dat uw apparaat niet geschikt is voor de wereld kaart wat u heeft aangeschaft. İndien u wenst kan ik een restitutie voor u inboeken."