After update no maps, no space problem with memory card - GO 600

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I do software update on my GO600 last night and after update gone maps and when I connect to MyDrive Connect they don't show memory card they means not enought space on device. But before all my maps was on memory card just soft ware was on device. One problem how I can format memory card without tomtom device? If I do format on pc FAT32 still my GO600 cannot see memory card when? thanks for answers.

And also why you cannot use tomtom device navigation without maps like some menu for settings.


  • dhn
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    If you format the sd card in a card reader as FAT32 and then put it in the device, the device should offer to format it in TomTom's method (again).

    I question whether ALL maps were on the sd card as MyDriveConnect will offer to put a map on the card ONLY if there is insufficient space for the map on internal. And the map that came with the device was on internal when you purchased it. Additional maps might have gotten placed on a sd card.

    Your maps should be still on your account when you look at the 'content' tab of MyDriveConnect with the device attached.
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    Same problem, after update no maps and MyDrive connect does not see my TomTom device when it is connected. 2Gb memory disc installed.
    Also Go 6000 sits there with connected to computer at top left and please open or install MyDrive connect on your computer even though it is connected to it.
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    A 2 gb card is of absolutely no value whatsoever. Get a 16 gb card (SanDisk is a good choice) and install that instead.