How to: Attach Images to your post - Request for full BBCode support

Niall Posts: 11,112
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Please can we have the full BBCode implementation as per the table here

But particularly the image expansions
The following bbcode:
Including an image
Resizing the image
Making the image clickable (in this case linking to the original image)
Resizing and adding meta information for the image
[img width="100" height="50" alt="Lubeck city gate" title="This is one of the medieval city gates of Lubeck"][/img]

As can be seen here this big TT logo58fbf38b-8c27-44a4-8980-c6db80a43f59.png

can not be resized like this58fbf38b-8c27-44a4-8980-c6db80a43f59.png