TomTom GO - whining and rude users.

SoundieSoundie Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
Guys, & Girls for that matter.
I've been following this forum for a long while.
I've yet to see such massive whining and nagging from users before.
Quite shocking at times how people behaves.

I've been using TomTom on cell phones since WindowsCE - all the way up to todays version.
I also think it was quite a change going from the previous version to todays GO, but after a while I got use to it - and with the addition in 1.8 enabling adding destinations to a route, really, i have to search my mind to find things i miss from earlier versions.

Guys - it's not like there are 200 developers coding on TomTom GO for iPhone. Perhaps there are 5-6? Perhaps 5-6 sharing the development of ALL TomTom products? We really don't know do we?
If you had any experience in coding applications and implementing changes, debugging, testing and so on - you would be somewhat more "respectful".

I get the feeling that the guys in this forum still uses Windows 3.11 - because they dont give windows 10 the chance at all since it's missing minesweeper in the first place.
Embrace changes.
TomTom are definitely on the correct path here.

I used Android version of Go for a couple of years - and loved it.
Due to change of workplaces, i had to switch over to iPhone.
I actually kept my Android phone in my car up to approx 3-4 months ago - then ported over to the iphone version - just to "force" myselfe to get used to this version.
yes - it's been a love/hate relationship so far - but as i said - things takes time.

Take a look at the "wish list" post from TomTom in this forum.
A lot of suggestions, mostly good, from users.
But - most of the users also seems to think that that topic was a "demand list" - and not a "wish list".

Annoyed but calm


  • RJantzRJantz Posts: 22 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Maybe you have been using GO on Android and it has been fine and maybe it was even at the level that we all want the iOS version to be? What I think you are missing here is that TomTom USA (and its variations) is what we, on iOS have been using for many years now. It was perfect and mature. Instead of just putting TomTom USA in maintenance mode and start developing for GO on iOS, they shoved us (very literally) to a very much unfinished and unworkable version called TomTom GO. Worse yet, they presented it to us as though it was the next great thing, like it was all done and ready for consumption (this could not have been further from the truth). If they would have told us that they were halting production on the old version and invited us to join and help work out the issues on the the new version, that may have been a workable solution that some of us may have opted for (in the spirit of keeping TomTom number 1). Now, to add insult to injury, they are telling us that the old version is going away in September...and given where we are with GO, I have no expectation of it being ready to take the old versions place by September. I hope and pray that it is....for TomTom's sake....because if it isn't, they stand to lose the lions share of their user base to something else.
  • SoundieSoundie Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I, basically, agree with you.
    i've also had the same thoughts and experiences.
    Tho - i've used GO in most of europe and usa, and even with it's quirks and missing features, i still think TomTom are doing things right.
    Before going on vacation to the states, i brought both my android and iphone. During the trip i forgot the android at the hotel - and kinda was forced to use the iphone version. And i lived to tell the tale:
    During me and my kids roadtrip in the states last year, the only fault TomTom did was directing us to a Burger King while the kids wanted Taco Bell.
    I've tested most other iphone nav's on iphone.
    None can really compare to TomTom. Perhaps this is one of the things thats going on here in the forum? Desperation?
  • Alster53Alster53 Posts: 24 [Master Explorer]
    Completely agree with soundie. I really like tomtom go and now even prefer it to the old app. I've tried loads of others and nothing comes close. Like soundie I can't understand all the moaning!!
  • RJantzRJantz Posts: 22 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Even with my unhappiness, I do agree that TomTom is still the best (Waze comes very very close though, and it is free). The biggest issue that they have a mature great product, why push us away from it until the new one is ready? That is the real grip! If Waze had local maps, I'm afraid I would be tempted to jump to a free product once they retire the old TomTom. I'm still hoping that they will figure out a way to actually fix GO by the time September rolls around.
  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 305 [Exalted Navigator]
    I agree that there is no need to be rude, however without the so called moaning, whining, and nagging in this forum then everybody at TomTom would probably think that the TomTom GO Mobile (iOS) app is great - which it is currently not! However, GO Mobile (iOS) does have the potential if TomTom listens to its users.

    I think that most people who are vocal in these forums are likely to be either road warriors, SatNav enthusiasts, or both. I also think that those same people are loyal TomTom users who have seen the TomTom company go from being an innovative company (in the very early 2000s) that added great new features to its products to being a company that removed features and generally dumbed down its products.

    This forum should be a gold mine to TomTom. Here are a number of loyal users who are each "experts" in TomTom products who give their time and suggestions for free - other companies could spend 1,000s in questionnaires and not get nearly enough information back.

    TomTom GO Mobile (iOS) is still very much in development after being released over a year ago and in just a few short months will replace the original TomTom (iOS) app. Unfortunately the original app is still much better than GO Mobile (iOS) app. As the deadline has been imposed by TomTom (with no reason) then hopefully you can see the frustration that requests for improvements and new features have not been actioned therefore TomTom is perceived by many to be a company that doesn't seem to care about its customers - the people who actually pay for the products and services.
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