Phone app opening over navigation software when receiving a call while driving

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I've recently received an update to Android 7 on my Galaxy S7 Edge, and since then the phone app is opening over the TomTom Go navigation app when receiving a call while driving. Is there a way to disable this, as it's quite annoying, and requires intervention during driving (which is a distraction & safety hazard) 1. to turn on the screen (as this gets turned off during a call) & 2. to open up the navigation app again after the call has completed.

Thanks for your feedback on this!


  • g123
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    No news on this?
    Why does the app need phone and contacts permission when it does nothing with them?
    The app isn't registered as one that can take over phone calls!
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    @wilhalm5001 ,

    You are wanting a 3rd party app to stop the basic function of a phone from receive phone calls.

    Have never run into any problems with any GPS app having problems with receiving phone calls.

    I get the phone call and after hangup the GPS app is still there.

    You must remember first of all it is a Smartphone not a GPS navigator.

    It's main function is to receive phone calls and SMS's and what every apps you install to receive messages (whatsapp, Facebook, etc, etc)

    If you do not want to receive phone calls while driving then you will need to switch to a tablet and use it just for your GPS app.

    But as long as you have your smartphone with you you will still receive phone calls correct???