Not all runs are updating to nike+ MySports

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Dear All,

the TomTom Adventures sync only the running mode with Nike+, but if run in "Trail Mode" TomTom don't uploade the activites, why?

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  • lampard
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    Hi Antonio,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Can you please update the software of your Adventurer watch and try again to re-export the activities manually? The watch has the old software version 1.3.204 installed on it, there's a new version v1.3.255 released and it's available for download in Sports Connect.

    I would advise you to update your watch with the latest software first and then give it a test run to see if it improves the situation. The above link has the steps to upload the activity manually which failed via App or desktop application.

  • Antonio83
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    Dear Lampard,

    thank you for the pronto reply, yesterday i update my software version but the problem is the same.
    when use trail version, the nike app don't recognize the track, because for nike app is "Cross Country" and not running, it is possible tu sync the trail?

    Sorry but i don't find the link for the to upload the activity manually :-)

    Mani thanks!!!

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    I have the exact same issue. I started a trail activity using the dedicated feature, thinking it would sync with my Nike+ account as regular runs and treadmill runs did. But even when changing the activity type in TomTom MySports app, and reuploading the .ttbin file, my run does not appear in Nike+.

    Can you help or give the right process to have this acticity sync ? Is there a reason why trail runs aren't considered as running activities by Nike+ ?

    Thanks !

    EDIT :
    The activity actually appears, but as "cross country", and so is not available in the mobile Nike+ running app. I guess this is a compatibility issue. Will have to raise it to Nike+...
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    Also be aware Nike+ has had an outage for the past couple of days which may be impacting activities uploading. According to tone of the moderators:

    "It looks like the issue could not be fully resolved. Nike are hoping to release a fix by tomorrow. Once that is in place we should be able to re-upload data."