How can I display the GPS coordinates from my favorites?

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I have some favourites which I entered from "my location", not a street address. I need to display (read out) the E and N coordinates. How do I do this?


  • errolgreer
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    I forgot to explain that this refers to my IOS Tomtom app!
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    I would like to do this as well, any ideas...? Same as above, using iOS App. Thanks.
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    Hi @errolgreer and @HommeBlanc,

    The quick and easy way is to use TomTom MyDrive:

    Once you have signed onto MyDrive, goto MyPlaces and click on the place so that it is displayed on the map.

    You will notice that the URL in your browser will change to something like:,-1.00000,16,0,-0+ver=3

    The above is an example with 51.00000,-1.00000 being your coordinates.

    The alternative is to use an iOS app called POIViewer.

    POIViewer is a POI Manager app, it can import .ov2, .csv, .GPX, and KML/KMZ files. POIViewer can create new POI categories as well as modify existing POI categories by adding/deleting/modifying individual POIs.

    POIViewer can search for a POI from one or more POI categories (you can select which categories to search from). POIViewer can find the nearest POI to your current location or to another POI.

    Launch POIViewer and once you've found the POI that you want, you can either display it (map or satellite view) in POIViewer or get POIViewer to launch TomTom GO Navigation with that POI as your destination.

    The only downside (and this is minor) is that because TomTom GO Navigation doesn't support URL Scheme, POIViewer can't pass on the name of the POI so that it appears in recent destinations. If you have the original TomTom SatNav iOS app (which does have URL Scheme support) you'll see how that works.

    Until TomTom adds full custom POI support to TomTom GO Navigation, POI will be an essential addon.

    POIViewer works with most other iOS SatNav apps, so you can use the same POIs with TomTom, Waze, Google Maps, CoPilot, Navigon, Sygic, etc).

    Finally, POIViewer costs £3.99 but it is worth it. I have no connection with POIViewer or its author except for being a very satisfied customer.

    Let me know which way you use.