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Track disappearing when changing starting point

954dk954dk Posts: 292 [Master Traveler]
I have a track, as showed on image 1.
If the starting point is changed, the whole track dissappear and default route/track (fastest) type is used (Image 2) by the app.

I hope this is to be changed in future releases or am I doing something wrong?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,191 Moderator
    Hi 954dk,

    Welcome to the Community!

    This seems to be the standard behavior of the app. Have you imported the track shown in first image ? If you change the starting point on the current route, the app will calculate the route based on the settings selected under 'Types of route'.

    When you change the starting point and destination remains the same, can you spot the same route (shown in image 1) under Main Menu>Current track>Find alternative?

  • 954dk954dk Posts: 292 [Master Traveler]
    Hi lampard and thanks for replying.
    When changing starting point and doing as you suggest, I only get alternatives and not the original track, which is an existing gpx track synchronized from MyDrive.
  • 954dk954dk Posts: 292 [Master Traveler]
    I just found out, that my Rider 40 does exactly the same thing.
    Do you want me to start a similar topic in the Rider forum regarding this?
  • JvdZJvdZ Posts: 81 [Supreme Navigator]
    Why do you want to change the starting point? You can simply navigate to the track and join it at any point.

  • 954dk954dk Posts: 292 [Master Traveler]
    That's irrelevant, but it's a DFAO route from Stralsund in Germany to Clausthaler Zellerfeld. I'll be joining the route ftom Hamburg and some from Stralsund. I'm not gonna use the GPX feature but only the ITN/route, which is functional nor changing anything.
    In this case I'm pointing out a Go/RIDER bug, which in my book is essentially important to fix :-)
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