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Sports Website Crashing Firefox ESR 52.1.0

starfleetyajstarfleetyaj Posts: 42 [Legendary Explorer]
Firefox crashes when I click on the Activities tab. Occasionally it will work the first time, but then will crash the browser whenever I click on it again. Other tabs seem to be unaffected. Any one else seeing this issue?


  • ou999ou999 Posts: 74 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Yes, I have the same problem
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,311 Moderator
    Hi All,

    Thanks you for flagging this one! I'll check this with the team whether the ESR version of Firefox is supported by us and let you know once there's an update.

    In a meanwhile, please use a different browser and let me know if its the same with others.

  • ou999ou999 Posts: 74 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    I overlooked the ESR part, my crash was with the 'normal' Firefox 52. I just tried with FF 53, no crash anymore.
  • TarnsTarns Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have FF 53 and for me the TomTom site still crashes as starfleetyaj experienced. Not used another browser yet but will do so now. Hopefully it will get sorted with FF.
    Many thanks
  • starfleetyajstarfleetyaj Posts: 42 [Legendary Explorer]
    Yes, the problem still exists for me as well. Though I'm now on Firefox ESR 52.1.2
  • peggywpeggyw Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    I'm on Firefox 54.0 and Firefox still crashes when I hit the activities button to review my runs. Most annoying!
    If anyone hears of a plug-in that works, please let me know!
  • mountain-mulemountain-mule Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Same here, on Firefox 54.0 on Mac. At least it only crashes the tab, and not the whole browser like it was doing before. But there is a real issue here.
  • JalfersJalfers Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Yes! My Firefox (54) is crashing every time I hit the Activities tab. Why isn't this getting fixed? It never used to, not sure if it was after a TomTom update (I think it was) or after a Firefox update.
  • Stuart McDonaldStuart McDonald Posts: 759 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi, The problem is a bug in Firefox which still hasn't been fixed.

  • starfleetyajstarfleetyaj Posts: 42 [Legendary Explorer]
    This remains a problem for me. I work in tech, so I get the idea that the bug isn't on your side. That said, MySports is the only site I visit that generates the crash. Is this even on the Firefox roadmap? It's been 3+ months so, at a certain point, whether it's TT's "fault" or not becomes irrelevant and as a business you need to understand the impact on your users/customers.

    I'm guessing you've done that and determined that whatever it is that's causing the problem is so important/strategic to your web experience, or FF is such a small % of your audience, that you'd rather just stay the course. I can understand that point of view, even if I don't like it for me personally.
  • frejfrej Posts: 12
    Hello, we have just released a fix for the Firefox 54 crashes on the Activities page. It might help with Firefox ESR as well.
    Please let us know if you still experience problems.

    For those interested, here is the related Firefox bug:

    The Firefox bug fix was released with Firefox 55, which shipped yesterday, but not all users received the browser update yet.
  • starfleetyajstarfleetyaj Posts: 42 [Legendary Explorer]
    I did a couple of tests (browser is now ESR 52.3.0) and haven't experienced a crash yet. Thx for the fix!
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