GO 2050 to GO 6100

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Hi.....1st time question
I have used my trusty 2050 world unit for 5 years around the world. Its never missed a beat. But maybe time to upgrade. problem is the negative reviews of the 6100 are a bit scary. Can I please have some opinions from this forum b4 I commit the $$$$.


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    Hi Swampy1

    Welcome to the community:)

    Currently, we have the new wifi ® devices available on the TomTom web store, these devices come with World Lifetime maps and Lifetime Regional Traffic and Speed cameras(Smartphone connected).

    These models are more advanced as compared to the GO 6100 and updates can be installed over the wifi® internet connection. To see more specifications please visit the website link here

    Also our user on the community could offer more advice:D .

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    I went from a trusty 950 live, to a GO 5000 about 18 months ago.
    very painful experience initially as there were plenty of bugs, and some features disappeared from the 950 series.

    It's improved a lot.

    Generally I've been very pleased with the 5000 for a while.

    Bought my girlfriend a 5100 last year, and again, now she's got used to it, after using my 950 for a while, she's impressed.

    I'm just about to get a 5200 wifi version for Christmas, and reviews and first impressions look good. We'll see when it actually arrives on Christmas day as a present! :-)

    One criticism of the models, is that they don't have sufficient memory to handle the ever growing maps, and I think there was not enough thought gone into it.

    So I had to temporarily turn off the buildings for Europe (non UK) as I mainly drive in the UK, then get a memory card.

    My girlfriend's 5100 has recently had the same issue.

    Hopefully there will be more capacity planning for the new model.

    Overall, I'm impressed with the newer touch screen models.