The new app is a total failure

Sergio710Sergio710 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
For the comunity, I just want to share the feed back I just gave to tomtom support :

I just want to give you a feed back: the new app I received a credit for is pure s... !!!

tha app no longer supports nagivation by giving a town. It proposes an endless list of destination instead of a clear list of cities.

Do developper go in vacation and use their app ??? It does not seem to me this is the case. Fire them ! Fire the head of development who let such a bad product go on release !

the old app, although a bit old fashioned and limited, did the job well enough.

the new interface is NOT CLEAR !!!!It is NOT intuitive !!!

Frankly, I installed the app when it was proposed for download a few months ago and I skipped, because the interface was so user unfriendly, hoping it would get better after a few months. 8 days a go, I received the notification that the old app will stop in september 2017. So I gave it a new try. I'm VERY used to computing and interfaces, so the problem is not in my capacity to get used to new interfaces.

When I'm home I use Waze because it is far clearer than new tomtom app. and I use a bit googlemap too.

I use tomtom abroad most of the times. But the new version interface is so counter intuitive (although the graphic is nice, but it is not the main thing one searches)

Guys, although I'm just 1 litttle customer, if this does not change by the end of old app, I'll simply go to competition. Or, variant, the new pricing of the app makes it equivalent to taking a boadband refillable subscription abroad any way and use waze there.

It's a shame a good product as Tomtom produced. I'm really furious of what you did to a good product !

By the way, the website and the forum are not pleasant too : I found no way to localise my navigation experience nor a localised forum. Shame on Tomtom.


  • ShekinahShekinah Posts: 23 [Master Explorer]
    Hi. I largely share your comments. This new app is really just not up to the job. Even though I am now a 'light' user and no longer need to travel for business, it would frustrate me trying to use it for work. I did use it again for a few weeks when doing some consultancy work, and it just did not do the job, whereby I spent time on the road fiddling with the app whilst trying to drive!

    I do still use TomTom but tend to change between this and Navigon. I have had them both for years and there was always an overlap, where TT would be way ahead of Navigon and then Navigon would come back.

    In my opinion today, Navigon is way ahead of TT, and it will stay that way unless there is a radical rethink of the iOS app. TT's way forward with their subscription is like being offered three years free use of a car with only three wheels on!

    Is there such an issue between TT and Apple that there is deliberate neglect of iOS? Or maybe someone is spending a lot of time positioning TT for a takeover. Who knows? I don't know what their market position is like as I haven't used their dedicated services for years.

    Some years ago TT and Apple had 'talks' where Apple tried to 'cherry pick' from TT and leave the rest behind which caused a bit of a rift. Experience tells me that Apple either go all-in to buy you out and pay over the odds, or look at what you are doing and try to get it for nothing. I sense that the latter happened.

    It does however remind me of a lot of companies' attitudes when it came to Apple product back in the earlier days, when there was not enough of a market to bother about.
  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 302 [Exalted Navigator]
    Shekinah wrote:
    In essence, for me Navigon is the best paid-for alternative.
    Can you use custom POIs (and icons) in Navigon iOS app? If you can how? And what tools do you use (I'm a Mac user) to create / convert Navigon POIs?

  • ShekinahShekinah Posts: 23 [Master Explorer]
    Hi Privateer UK

    Have just been informed that I broke the rules regarding discussing third-party products.

    Context was the iOS app today. Who know what it will produce over the next couple of years and what features will be available.

  • Digruntled old FellowDigruntled old Fellow Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    i am in total agreement with comments above , your running a great product
    lets hope you see sence and do a uturn on this badly designed pruduct
    ( I am a grade 3 IT engineer and find it has very bad ideas about ease of use
  • GsbGsb Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    I cannot agree more with the above buy something then get told that this is it eol for a rubbish reason is dishonest.

    The "new" replacement is counter intuitive to use.

    I think that tomtom has just made itself EOL
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