Manual external MIC gain in next firmware please + mic cable/external connector

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In the next firmware update, if there is one, could I request a manual MIC gain adjustment option? The changes in the last updates never fixed the clipping mic for me when used >35mph, or in higher winds, though I did get much better audio eventually at slower speeds after trying many MIC's, foam, placements, etc. I wonder how dynamic the auto gain control is? i.e., starts slow, does it compensate quickly when things start clipping? It does not seem to for me. If there was a static setting or a way to select more attenuation manually, to force it to stay that way, that would be good.

Also, I bought the microphone cable and charge cables. There is a problem as you cannot use both, but that's merely because it is not offered, not technically not possible (all the connectors are exposed at the same time, so we just need a cable). I wanted to do 2 things. 1, shorten the microphone cable, 2, add simultaneous charging, so 1 cable, connected to the rear of the camera with a USB and Jack plug. This IS technically possible as is, but the MIC cable seems to have only 2 wires in it :( I would have liked to dissect my two cables and make one, much better, shorter one. Because the connector to the rear of the camera is propitiatory and fully moulded, this is not possible. Is it possible to source a fully wired connector for this purpose?


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    im in on this. . . most important though is the mic gain.
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    If ANY ONE is listening!! I would also like the same.