Renault Megane Dynamique Tom Tom 2014

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I have just bought a Renault as in the title but it came without a card. I have bought a genuine card (25920 9024 R) is on the card. When I put the card in the car it doesn't recognise it, the screen shows "No maps found". I have tried the card in my laptop but it doesn't show up in the file explorer. Am I doing something wrong or have I been ripped off?

If the card is empty how can I get maps on it?


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    The card shouldn't be empty, but it's proprietary structure with funny looking files - you should be able to see either two or four files, TOMTOM.000, TOMTOM.001, TOMTOM.003, TOMTOM.004.

    But you can't touch them with the file explorer, they are proprietary to R-Link.

    Where did you buy that card? If it wasn't from Renault you are likely to have been ripped off. The cards are locked to the sytem installed in the vehicle and if you've obtained one that's already been used, it'll probably be locked to the vehicle it was used in.