Speed Camera update fails at 3% ..is it just me?

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I've tried all the usual tricks...reset , folder removal , new leads ,new USB sockets and individual country camera installations...but nothing works.
Andorra seems to have installed OK but TomTom Connect ( my second version just in case that was the problem ) shows a problem with every other country.
Windows 10 updated this morning so it got me wondering!

Community update went just fine.
GO 5200


  • shills
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    Getting the same on my Start 50, community update fine but speed cameras failing at 6%.
    Tried re-downloading, clearing cache etc.. but still no good.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi tinfire,

    Unfortunately, there was a technical issue with the latest release of Speed Cameras and it has to be rolled back. You'll then be offered the cameras from the 11th.

    We're working hard to find a solution as soon as possible and resume Speed Camera updates again.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • tinfire
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    Thankyou Mikkok
    I went away for 40 minutes and then couldn't understand what had changed to allow me to reinstall each country's cameras one by one.
    I should have read your reply first