Using previously purchased maps on a replacement device.

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My old GO 720 recently died and I bought a replacement GO 720 on ebay. I have linked the 'new' device to my TomTom account through Home.
A few years ago I purchased and downloaded to an SD card the full Western Europe maps. I was also subscribing to the Update service until Jan/Feb this year. I need the full Western Europe maps (which do not fit on the GO720 memory so have to be put on SD card) as the countries I use mainly are UK, Spain and Portugal.
The SD card worked fine on the old device but now with the replacement when trying to switch map I get the message ' Problem with map. You cannot use this map on this device: Western_Europe- 100933 '
How do I go about getting the SD card / map recognised / authorised?
As a secondary issue, the replacement device came with an official TomTom purchased map of USA and Canada on SD card which now doesn't work, presumably because I've now linked the device to my account?
Any help would be much appreciated.


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    @Lost in Spain

    Maps are normally only usable on the device they were purchased for, but have a word with Customer Services to see what they can offer.

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