Strange step count after firmware update to 1.40 - TomTom Touch

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Has anyone noted a change in steps count after firmware update to 1.40 in Tomtom Touch?
After the update, the total steps per day does not reflect the reality, it is well beyond. To me, reality is a step counter installed and running 24 h/day on my smartphone.
Before the update, numbers were close to each other.

11/04 (after the update)
- smartphone: 11631
- tomtom touch: 19486

10/04 (after the update)
- smartphone: 5652
- tomtom touch: 10865

09/04 (after the update)
- smartphone: 2606
- tomtom touch: 4180

04/04 (before the update)
- smartphone: 18632
- tomtom touch: 19854

01/04 (before the update)
- smartphone: 10538
- tomtom touch: 12936


  • lampard
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    Hi marcelmendesfilho,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delay in response!

    I would advise you to make a factory reset on your tracker and see if it makes any improvement in displaying the step count.

    If this doesn't help after a reset then please provide us with a picture showing the the nature of the issue, also mention the app version you're using on the smartphone.

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    I have noticed a discrepancy between the my sports app and my runner 3 cardio with music. It's usually only about 200 - 300 steps, but the app syncs via Bluetooth and every time there is this unexplainable discrepancy. Just wondering if anyone else has had this? I'd prefer not to do a factory reset, it's a trivial problem and I don't want to lose stored runs on the device. slightly annoying that it isn't accurate though....