Maps out of alignment on GO 5200

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Hi, I have just received my GO5200 to replace my GO500 (which has given me 12 years of trouble free service and still works fine, it just isn't being supported map wise any more) and have set it all up and downloaded all the latest updates.

I have noticed that the map on my GO5200 is more up to date than the maps shown on the MYDRIVE web page and the MYDRIVE android app, i.e. there was a new road and roundabout opened last year in my area. This means that if I plan a route on the web page/app, e.g. from home to work, it won't give me the same route as the GO5200 will if I plan it on that.

It casts doubts on the tag line of MYDRIVE 'The smartest route planner' !!

Can anyone explain the reason for the difference?


  • dhn
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    Different versions of the map, I suspect. Log a complaint with support and perhaps someday the two maps will be reconciled:

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  • MikkoK
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    Hi Mallimak,

    Welcome to the Community!

    MyDrive indeed uses different maps than our devices and you might see discrepancies sometimes. You can report all map errors directly to our map team with the MapShare Reporter.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Mallimak
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    Thanks MikkoK,

    Seems strange that different maps are used. I will report the missing road via MapShare Reporter.

    Cheers, Mallimak