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Errors in course details

RaneusRaneus Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
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I have Golfer 2. My problem seems to be amendments on my home course. As I understand, the watch considers hole completed when you come close to the next tee box. In my case a new yellow tee box was built further back making the original as red tee box. When playing from the yellows, I have to walk to the red (in one case on the opposite side of a bond!) and back to get hole changed. In one par 3 hole, the watch considers hole completed before the ball is even in the cup and there is no other tee box anywhere near. Consequently, is it possible to preview course details on computer screen in order to spot such errors in course details and request update?


  • JariBJariB Posts: 55 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    This function has never worked for me either. I have turned off the feature totally and always advancing to the next hole manually. As far as I have understood moving to the next hole automatically requires that you walk to the next tee box thru the "gate" defined in the map data. And only based on that. It just doesn't work in many courses, not even if these "gates" would be in correct places (and they are not...). For example in my home course you have to walk close to 10th hole when moving from first hole to the second. And automatically the watch just always moves to 10th even if playing 1st and then 10th would never happen in a real game. There should be much more "intelligence" for that functionality. And this shouldn't be too difficult either. For example how often first recording a few putts your next shot will be more than 200m and you are still playing the same hole? For the Golfer2 this is just normal behavior :) when the watch misses the gate for advancing to the next hole.

    Also like in my example from my home course above, someone could say, that you might play 1st hole and then the 10th instead of second. Yes, basically true, but in that case would your first shot of that 10th hole to be from second hole's tee box 100m away from 10th hole's tee box? So the watch can auto advance from 1st to 10th but not back to 2nd even if there has not been any shots even near the 10th hole...

    So the watch just doesn't have any "intelligence" built in, unfortunately just way too simple methods for trying to automate the score card.
  • RaneusRaneus Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Thanks Jari! I’ll take your hint and switch off yet another functionality. (So far shot detection has worked for me, though!) However, I’m probably not the only golfer who would be prepared to help TomTom (or iGolf) to revamp the course data, if only I knew were various objects (like the gate you mention) are located in the course data.

    PS1. I was told in GoExpo that we can expect an extensive update soon. Let’s hope most of the complaints on this forum will be responded.

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  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,160
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    "Auto advance not working" is an option in the feedback form on Have you tried to report it?
  • RaneusRaneus Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Not yet, because I was hoping for another way of doing this preferably at home rather than hassling while playing. Also my feedback could be more explicit if I understood how the data is currently defined. I will probably try to describe the issues in writing which is not going to be easy for me nor you to understand. Fingers crossed.
  • JariBJariB Posts: 55 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Jürgen wrote:
    "Auto advance not working" is an option in the feedback form on Have you tried to report it?

    Yes I have, but like I tried to explain it doesn't help because the logic in the watch is just too "simple". It may work if the tee boxes, fairways, greens and the path to the next tee box would always be "in line" and even different tee boxes (red, blue, yellow and white) for the same hole behind the same "gate" but like we all know that's not the case in the real golf courses.

    A little bit more logic needs to be built in to get this working. As an other example, why the watch will auto advance to the next hole even if you have not visited the green of the hole you are playing? I mean, even if you hit the hole in one :) you need to walk to the green and pick up the ball up from the hole before moving to the next hole!

    So it should be pretty straight forward to code these kind of simple "use cases or rules" into the watch firmware. Might be difficult to get it 100% working but at least to the usable level.

    Also as Raneus stated players (especially at their home courses) really know what should be done to improve the map data. And many of us are capable of making these changes as well. Even if the process with TomTom and iGolf works really well, you just can't see everything from the satellite images...
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