bicycle route doen't show the right directions

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The bicycle route doen't show the right directions can you change settings bicycle only?


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    You can set the default route to be for a bicycle in Settings/Route Planning. But whether that will give you very good directions will depend on the quality of the data that the map makers have gathered. TomTom only added walking and bicycle routing relatively recently and I do not yet find their maps and navigation to be that great for those purposes. Also, it is fairly unusual for bicycle riders to be as scrupulous about obeying traffic laws and signs as motor vehicle drivers and riders because there are few if any penalties for disobedience.
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    If you want a very good Bike and Hiking app then take a look at OSMAND.

    They use OpenStreetMap as their maps.
    Updated all the time.

    Been using this app for years both with hiking and Bike tours.

    They have a free version and a paid version.
    The free version gives you all you need.