"Run" does not work correct any more

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Some weeks ago the "Run" part of my watch showed stranges values. I run almost the same distance several days a week and for the last 3 years I have hade almost the same result as for distance -9 km - speed 8 - cal. ca. 700, but suddenly the same values where ,8 km and cal. 9. I checked for upgrade, found none, run a reset, but with the same result.

Yesterday I tried out the cycle and this works perfect.


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    Hi kjellvang,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I would advise you to update the QuickGPSfix on your watch using the Sports connect and give it a test run once its been updated, see the public FAQ here:How do I get a GPS fix on my GPS Sport Watch?

    If still no joy then please perform a factory reset on your watch which will wipe out the activities and settings from the watch. Let us know !

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    hi and thanks.

    I had tried to reset, but I think I was not following the process, the connection stayed on until the PC went down due to inactivity and then maybe the reset was not finished yet.

    I followed the process this time and it seems that all is working.

    Have a nice easter
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