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I just ran a 5km on the treadmill at gym- my watch said i completed it in 21:59. But I'm not sure of the accuracy of this as I don't think that in this fast on the road. The speed on the treadmill was between 8.5 - 9. Please help me out as I would like to know the accuracy of the TomTom? Thanks


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    Treadmill accuracy is a bit hit or miss depending on the user and their form. Since it is using your arms, not your legs, it is an indirect measure. It assumes a certain arm swing pattern equates to a certain running pace and it can be off depending on your arm swing and how accurate the actual treadmill is. There is no way to know on a gym treadmill which is right as they treadmill itself may be way off. a 5k at 9mph would take about 20 minutes so that seems okay. I generally just use whatever the treadmill says and figure it is close enough. When you exit it prompts you to adjust it, just enter the distance from the treadmill.

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