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Hi guys, I've got this TomTom "TomTom Runner Cardio / Multi-Sport Cardio, MySports Connect" from about a year and I usually used it once a week with my bike about 4 hours.

From two months battery seems damaged because after about three about I've got battery low.

Do you know how to change battery and if it's an easy work?
thanks in advance!


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    There is no way to change the battery, it is not replaceable. I would not worry too much about battery low warnings as they tend to last for hours afterwards. How long before it actually dies? Remember that battery life includes pause time as the sensors are still on - so if during a 2 hour activity you had 30 minutes of pause it was 2:30 of battery life, not just the 2 hours it was recording for). Life is impacted by usage (using backlight, switching screens, etc.) and environmental conditions (overcast skies, tree cover, tall buildings, etc.). If you have night mode or the backlight on that is going to impact it greatly. What sensors are you using?

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    It's easy to test: just start recording and wait for the data to terminate. That's around 5:20 for my cardio watch now. This is extremely marginal for a 50 km race, and requires I keep the thing charging until basically race start, and even then it's a challenge for me to finish in that time.
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