Downhill pace on Adventurer

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When I run downhill, even if the path is very good, the speed shown by my adventurer is similar or even sometimes less than showed when I run on a flat.
This puzzles me, of course I think I'm faster downhill, could this be related to how the clock calculates the distance?
maybe if for the calculation it uses the GPS signal, it may consider only the projection in a horizontal plane and not the real distance traveled.
Has someone any suggestion?


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    It is just very slow to catch up on changes in pace, choosing to have a long lag period to get smoother data. It will catch up eventually, but depending on the length of the hill it may not catch up while you are still on the hill. It uses 2D distance in running mode and 3D distance in trail running, but unless you were on a very steep hill for a sustained period it would not have a material impact on speed or distance.

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