Image stabilization on Bandit Camera

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does someone knows if the bandit camera have an image stabiliser or if the factory has a software. I fixed the bandit on my Africa twin but the result it is very bad even on the usual road without a stabilised image


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    Suggest you read this post:

    TomTom doesn't have image stabilisation for the Bandit. Stabilisation software is not very good at dealing with the kind of high-frequency vibration you get on a motorbike.

    You can reduce vibration by attaching the camera to your helmet, or experiment with different locations (and mounts) on your bike. Other motorcyclists have had success with RAM mounts.
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    I have a similar bike, a Transalp, and have the same issue when the camera is mounted to hard parts of the frame. However, this isn't too much because of the bike vibrations as such, more the construction of the camera which allows the mount fixed to the camera to move and the camera to shake about within it. Here is an example with the clicking etc audible

    All solved and much, much better simply by putting a strong elastic band pulling the camera body tight to the mount so it cannot shake.

    The camera was mounted on the crash bars for this video. I have no such issue when it is mounted to my helmet, but I have since given up with this camera for motorcycle use as I require voice and no matter what external MIC I used, I was unable to get rid of the wind noise at anything much over 35mph. Shame, as it's the perfect profile, good battery life and decent image quality.

    In fairness, the g*p*o does the same thing, but they supply a little rubber isolating bung you put between the mount and the camera and it resolves the issues too. Have to make do with the elastic band for the bandit though...