TomTom GO 520 and 3D buildings

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Hi did not realise until I had purchased the unit that 3D buildings only apply to parts of a city feel conned as this is not clearly defined on outer packaging - this was the main reason for my purchase.


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    Bring it back, buy a competing product and be happy.
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    Hi Swiftclose,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I'm sorry to hear you got a wrong impression about the 3D coverage! I was just checking our documentation and didn't find any mention of this feature in the box or the documentation coming with it. Also the product page or our support pages don't mention it. There's a brief mention in the user manual.

    Where did you get the impression that there would be 3D coverage everywhere?

    The 3D buildings and landmarks are there to give a bit more realistic picture of where you're driving in a big city. As this data considerably increases the size of the maps you need to download when updating your device we want to keep a check on the amount we include in the maps. They also bear on the performance of the device and are not useful everywhere.

    As you see highlighted here, there are some other great features on your GO 520 as well, such as TomTom Traffic and the smartphone features. 3D visualisation is also something we're working on as part of the future of navigation. You can find more information about this here.

    Cheers, Mikko