Download Map of Croatia on the GO mobile android

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On my TomTom Go for Android, I have downloaded "Western Europe" map. And I have been using it for few years without any issue.
Now, I am going to Croatia, which is not there.

In the Download Map, I can see that Croatia is included in the "Europe East".

So, it supposed I could just simply download that "Europe East", right?

If some countries are overlap in 2 maps, will that be a problem? For example Belgium, Netherlands are on both "Western Europe" and "Europe North" maps. Are they going to be stored twice?


  • tgold
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    Yes, they will be stored as many times as you download maps that include them.

    Note that TomTom can not plan a route or navigate one that crosses from one map onto another. You can make such a journey by planning and navigating piecewise or you could download the single inclusive 6.5GB map called Europe instead of picking and choosing among those smaller areas. Deleting Western Europe and installing Europe in its place will not lose any of your MyPlaces or other settings.