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Is there a way on MyDrive routing to ignore roadworks? If I'm creating a route for the summer I'm not interested that a bit of road is closed at the moment

Doesn't seem like there is the option to ignore in MyDrive and when I use MyRouteApp with TomTom routes (which assumedly uses an API to MyDrive Routing) I get unrouteable routes because of the same problem.

Ignoring roadworks really needs to be a selectable option on both the MyDrive site and in the API.




  • MikkoK
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    Hi Nigel,

    MyDrive currently doesn't have such route planning features. What you can do is to select a leaving or arrival time in the route planning menu. When doing this all traffic incidents are disregarded in the route planning (see below).


    Please, provide your feedback about the MyRoute app to TyretoTravel who's product it is. They can take it up with our developers working on the APIs.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Check on google maps as that show the traffic conditions local to where you are. In any case if you come across a jam just turn off and the head in the general direction you want to go using the compass. Sooner or later the unit wil take you back onto your route.
    If you are using the tour option as opposed to the track gpx option it
    may be as well to skip or delete the next couple of way points so as to overcome the possiblity of it trying to take you back to one you may have missed
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    Just talking from experience of using the rider2
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    maybe just ignoring traffic (there's an option in MyDrive) would do the trick ...
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    Hi gembrain2013! Thanks for your feedback!
    If you wish, could you share the URL for your planned route with the roadworks problem? This way we can understand the problem in better detail.
    I understand the issue is the consideration of current traffic conditions for routes planned in the future.

    Did you set your departure date to NOW, or in the future, around the days when you want to travel?
    If you set it in a distant future, then only typical (historical) traffic conditions should apply.

    @GEB: disabling traffic in settings only disables traffic display on the map, and does not affect route calculations.
  • DanielForniesSoria
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