Heart Rate not working on downhills

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The heart rate does not track properly on downhills while running. It seems to be tied into the accelarometers and always give me very high heart rates despite not working hard. I have used the TomTomCardio Runner (first version) and never had a problem other than sweat and cold. I am frustrated with the reliability to track my heart rate because it throws off my training stress scores and average heart rate readings. Are there workarounds? Is there a problem with the algorithm for the sensor from LifeQ? I have done a factory reset, updated the software, and even sent one watch back and am on a second. They both did the same thing.


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    I doubt it has anything to do with the accelerometer as they are totally different systems. I am trying to remember if I have seen this behavior on any of my runs and I might have once or twice. I wonder if it is due to the extra arm movement (at least for me, my arms tend to be held higher and swing a bit more on downhills as I am running harder and a bit more wildly) causing it to lose the HR signal lock and latch onto cadence instead. I don't know if it is an algorithm issue as there have been very few people reporting it here (yours and maybe one other that I can remember) but it also may be that not as many people track it as closely or they simply have a different running style that doesn't cause the issue. As far as workarounds, I don't really know of any (other than changing your running style on the downhills and seeing if that helps but that is a bit unreasonable to ask, you shouldn't have to change to get the device to work) and if you did a reset and got a second watch it sounds like it is just the nature of the device. At this point all I can think to do if it is really an issue for you is to return it and go with a different brand and see if that one works better for you. Not what TT would prefer I am sure but if they can't fix it, then you need to do what is best for you.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.
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    The idea that it is logging cadence is a possible answer, but I tend to take larger, less frequent steps on the downs. I also do some more are flailing moving rapidly downhill. It seems that the harder I pound (generate more ground force) the worse the HR gets. I tried to walk on a downhill yesterday and the HR was still about 40 counts too high. I still have the original cardio runner and I might just switch back to that one, but I hate shelving a $350 watch because it can't track HR properly. Has anyone tried to talk to LifeQ (the maker of the HR sensor)? Would TomTom be willing to work with them to get an update to solve the issue? Tightening/loosening the band doesn't seem to help. I wonder if it is a barometer issue when using the "trail run" setting? I will test today.
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    i have adventurer for several months and i ve pointed for this problem here in forum for several times. From the experience is clear that when your hand is moving to much, it measured something different than heart rate. typic. typicaly run to the stairs run downhill.... frustrating