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Hi can anyone tell me which Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the spark please...ones that won't break the bank ?


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    Most BT LE headphones should work, but some work better than others. Price seems to not be a factor as the cheaper ones often seem to work better than the expensive ones. This is due to the fact that cheap models are more likely to use the base BT protocols and not customize them for advanced features or settings like more expensive models do (and there is no way of knowing if a manufacturer has tweaked the protocols to take them out of compliance). The BT standard is in such a way a 'standard' that it can be widely interpreted with different settings for buffer sizes, time outs, profiles, protocols, antenna configurations, etc.. TomTom cannot change their code every time a headphone manufacturers messes with the BT coding. This is a case where paying more will not increase the chances of connectivity, it may actually decrease it. There are thousands of models out there so there is no way for TT to test them all and since the manufacturers often tweak the BT settings in the headphones there is no way to know upfront if a pair will work or not. At a minimum they need to be BT LE and support A2DP and AVRCP, the two protocols necessary to play music. Your best bet is to buy them from someplace with a good return policy so if they don't work you can return them and try another brand.

    The link below has a list of tested headphones, but bear in mind that just because a pair is not on the list does not mean they are not compatible, it means they might not have been tested. and even being on the list does not guarantee they will work flawlessly. reception is impacted by a lot of environmental factors.

    If you search the forums you will find posts referenced specific brands people have, used, the MPow ones come to mind.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    I've just bought a cheap pair of wireless headphones from amazon Aukey EP-B22 I cant believe how good they are for £12 ! they took a while to sync but work great and dont fall out
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    Just ordered and received the Anker Soundbuds NB10. These are almost identical to the TomTom earphones.
    Quoted from "" review: "The Soundbuds NB10s are still a quality pair of inexpensive Anker headphones, but don't expect them to be the best headphones you've ever had. What you pay is what you get, solid 'buds to sweat in."
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