What should I buy??

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We just discover tht our old xl cannot support new maps.

We ll travel to the USA next month and need to buy a new GPS.

I was checking the start 25 or start 42 or 52 but it seems you cannot upload the usa+canada map neither.

Which GPS should we buy from Spain that will allow us to buy the usa and canada map?


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    Hi julienmengozzi

    Welcome to the community:)

    The map of USA is compatible with all the devices you have listed in your post above. START 42/52 available on our website come with regional Europe Lifetime map updates, so if you want to install the USA map then you will have to purchase it on our website. Once you have purchased the maps you can download them using MyDrive Connect software.

    See our webstore here, the GO 520/620/5200/6200 all come with World Lifetime maps so you don't have to pay to download maps of USA or other countries. Please see the map coverage on our website.

    Hope this helps.