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Download speed of updates

Why, after at least 6 years of downloading, does it still take so long to download updates.

There are messages after messages online regarding the speed of updating and TomTom are totally disregarding the views of customers, yes customers.

3 hours to download and update such a small devise with relatively small files is abysmal.

Why don't TomTom announce this in their sales blurb?

Or is it a ploy to frustrate customers into not updating.

There are many other competitors out there now and I for one will be considering them in the future.


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,326
    Are you sure it is not your ISP speed? Do you have an antivirus or firewall impeding proper transmission? Have you tried changing the default port to 5000?

    I'm not denying the slowness at times of map downloads but 3 hours, even on a slow connection, seems extreme.
  • a-customera-customer Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Yes I am certain about the speed of connection and the time taken for the download and install. utterly appalling.

    There are loads of complaints even from me three years ago and a year ago. TomTom just don't care once the product has been sold.
  • Bobby SoleBobby Sole Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    The stock answer is that it must be your internet speed. I have fast internet and it still takes up to 24 hours to update my maps. Tom Tom don't seem to have grasped the technology of update patching vs downloading entire maps. It seems that they have insufficient servers to cope with huge downloading customers. I usually have to do my downloads during the late evenings or very early mornings. Over a metered service it would be cheaper to buy a new GPS. I have a few other brands that update very quickly by just sending an update file vs an entire map update.
  • a-customera-customer Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    It is not the speed of the users line. The tomtom spftware downloads and installs in under thirty seconds on my broadband so why does the other software take so long?

    Also have you noticed on all of the complaints no one from Tom Tom have made any comment or attempt to fix the issue.
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi all


    You must have a problem somewhere... What is the actual speed of your internet line, did you do a test to check? I'm not talking about the theoretical flow of your provider.

    I have the same device as you, a Start 25, with the same downloads as you but I don't have a fiber line.

    I have a classic ADSL internet line copper, with a flow not bad but rather average. My connection is very stable, I made the necessary for. I download the map at 1.6Mb/s on average. I specify that it's the maximum that my line can have for download, I don't have better if I download another type of file like a video file for example...
    When I update my map I only do the map without any other updates at the same time.

    This gives:
    For the Start25 4.4 GB map ==> 45 minutes download + 25 minutes of installation = 1h10
    For the GO 5100 7.7GB map ==> 1 hour 20 download + 40 minutes of installation = 2h00

    You could look your configuration, for example, a slowdown caused by antivirus/firewall/VPN, the use of bandwidth by another device or by another process in the background. In Windows 10 disable the peer to peer function of Windows Update and check how it's set.

  • a-customera-customer Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Download and install took 1.5 hours with my broadband with speeds shown below


    How do you explain this one?
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632

    1.5 hours for download and installation it's better than 3 hours of your message from a year ago.

    To answer your question, I don't have a quick answer ready, but with the line you have you should have faster download times than me.

    I specify, the times of downloads, for the installation time, the copy from the PC hard disk on the TomTom device, there isn't much to do. We are restricted by the USB2 type connection of the device. New Wi-Fi devices that don't need to use the PC don't have this step.

    Apart from the suggestions I made in my previous message, I don't see anything else. The only thing I do besides is to avoid the rush hours on TomTom servers, the weekend and the evening, 19h-23h is a very bad time for map download.

    One observation, your Ping is really bad 66 ms, I have much better than you, 8ms, despite my line not fast in compare.

  • a-customera-customer Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]

    I don't regard a 3 hour nor a 1.5 hour download good at all and I don't see why you should.

    Other sites, despite "rush hours", with many times more downloads than TomTom could ever hope to make have significantly better and quicker supply that you do.

    You need to make further investigations as to why your links are so slow rather than point out slow ping times.

    You have offered no advice nor solution to the problem that has been ongoing for several years.

    Please advise when this problem will be investigated properly and resolved.

    Thank you

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