Bandit Studio not recognizing battstick

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Just got the bandit, made a 2 minute video. Synced with phone.
No issues. All following is on A Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i5 with dock station running teh latest Windows 10.
Installed latest Bandit Studio and first thing is it does not recognize the battstick when plugged in.
I can see it in the device list as Batt-Stick 1920 mAh with removable disk E:
But Bandit Studio swears I have no video. My understanding is that it should recognize the battstick plugged in and automatically detect videos and photos.
It will import the video from the card but no tags or anything extra comes across. The docs say you *can't* import video except that created on the Bandit so not sure why it is acting schizophrenic...
Lastly - everything says I should be able to download camera firmware and use the Studio to update or manually place it on the battstick at root level - but - I cannot find anywhere to actually download or even verify current version.
Any help?