Custom POI added on MyDrive not available on TomTom Go Mobile for iphone

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I've added personal POI's for my work on the MyDrive website.
On my Android device I see the POI's in "My Places"
But on my IPhone I can't see them.

Anyone got a solution?


  • germoney
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    UNBELIEVABLE! Already more than a year ago I asked the support team how to get POIs from my old TomTom WesternEurope on iPhone to the new Go mobile app on same iPhone. Not possible, not even the transfer from TomTom WesternEurope to the MyDrive was and us possible. Even more annoying, as then the team said I can enter them manually in MyDrive (eg on iPad, as that is easier than on iPhone), than they sync down to the Go mobile app on iPhone.
    AND EVEN THAT WAS A STUPID LIE, as today (more than 1 year later) I read here that it is only possible for Android... for iPhone the programmers seem to be incapable of offering that sync functionality!? Unbelievable. Annoying! Finding no other words (and even here I have to be careful to not write what I really think about it) for such a downgrade from one of the best iPhone Nav apps (read: companies) to one of the worst Nav apps (companies) and to the worst of about 200 apps I have on my iPhone.
  • germoney
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    Who had the idea to have a +/- button for zooming on a device that offers swipe functionality for zooming?
    Next question (rhetorically): any people at TomTom who have any, maybe a tiny bit of knowledge about UI and icons and their placement? Why not using the wellknown symbol of a loudspeaker (strikethrough for OFF) to switch off the voice? Why is there an always present icon cluttering the UI that allows to send traffic cam positions, even when the user would never use it and therefore it would be an completely unnecessary icon, only obstructing the view, cluttering the bad UI even more? (as this icon/feature is not removable by any setting option).
    Why is the route bar (or what it is called) on the right side not scrollable for a better (the best ever) overview of obstructions on the route, as it was in the old app?
    TomTom seems to think it is a good idea to stupidly copy the UI of their devices to the smartphone, in fact that maybe cheap on a first glance, but on a long run they will loose customers with such an annoying UI and missing functionality.