Music cuts off while running

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I have a TomTom Runner 2 Cardio + music with TomTom Bluetooth headphones. When running and attempting to use GPS and Bluetooth at the same time, the sound is almost always distorted on the music. Is there anyway of troubleshooting this because as I bought the headphones and watch together, I would have expected better performance??

I am wearing the watch on the same side the bluetooth receiver is on.


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    Hi Ive got the TomTom Adventurer and bought the TomTom Bluetooth head phones separately and also found that the music would be intermittent as well and also had my watch on my left arm same as the head phone receiver side as well , I was out biking and using Bluetooth for my headphones and GPS to track my ride
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    I have found the same problem while running outdoors -- music breaks up while running. When I ended my run, it didn't improve. If I held the watch next to the headphones, it was better, but that's not realistic.

    Using it indoors, in the office, seems to be fine, and I saw a post that indicated Bluetooth reception is less reliable in open spaces (!) where the signal doesn't reflect off other objects. But outdoor use is specifically why I bought this device.

    The headphones also work fine when paired with my phone.

    I see there hasn't been a response in two months -- is there an update elsewhere?
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    My playlist was working great until today. I did my usual race and the music kept cutting out, it was driving me bonkers! I had to hold the watch in my hand with the face up and not jiggle it around too much arrrggghhhhh, infuriating as it was working just fine until today. Is there a work around or something to do with the pedometer interfering? Please help!!!!!