Trucker 6000 national road speed limits issue for 7.5 ton truck (max 11 ton gross train weight)

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Hi I've been banging my head against what appears to be a brick wall trying to explain to support the issue I am having with my Trucker 6000 not because of the device but the blatant flaw in the software because while to vehicle type Truck, as for vehicle parameters I know other than the Max speed setting the rest are purely to avoid issues on routing journey but I'm try to explain to TomTom Support that I have a 7.5t truck and despite entering a vehicle weight of 7.5t or less when driving along the road the satnav is giving me the speed warning as if I, driving a 40t truck this also has a bearing on routing and the journey times but can I get that through to them "NO" even the 2nd line support doesn't get what I trying to tell them. I used to have a car TomTom and had to plot several waypoints and use the speed limit function to so I can plot the correct route for my 7.5t truck and I would also have worked out the correct journey time as well. I don't want to set the vehicle type to van or I will have to return to plotting lots of waypoints again, and why should I after all while using it with a vehicle type set to truck I can confidently say for me at least it does choose the exact rout I would choose myself okay I have to set the max speed to 54mph max to avoid it wanting to travel miles further just to use the motorway but this is because its using the 40t truck national speed limits of 40mph (in Scotland) on a A road instead of 50mph.

Now I drive a truck and bought a truck satnav which is the correct thing to do tomtom need to adjust the algorithm to allow it to adjust the max speed warnings from a 7.5t truck and an 40t truck. If I wanted the route choices if I set it to van I would have just bough the all singing and dancing much cheaper car satnav rather than a truck satnav that isn't fit for purpose.

Any advice on how I best get my point across, This was my first attempt to explaining the issue to TomTom Support;

"Hi at the weekend past was the first occasion I had to use my new device with my 7.5t lorry, which after selecting truck inputting the length width height and overall weight and axle weight of my lorry.

The unit although seemed to hesitate and was slow to change menus it worked well their are some fantastic features I wasn't aware of in particular to average speed camera zones.

Now I'll jump straight to my complaint despite having entered my vehicle details as stated above for a 7.5ton lorry it displayed the speed limits on the roads for vehicles over 7.5t which also explains the issues I had with timings which I arrived at some locations for earlier than expected due to traveling on single carriageways more than dual and motorways while I also had the max vehicle speed set to 50 due to it being a older vehicle and my preference.

Why does the unit not understand their is a difference in vehicle speeds for vehicles 7.5ton and below to those above 7.5ton this must be an issue with the software which needs addressing urgently so the route choice and timings are more accurate. If this is suppose to be able to route me according to weight height and length etc the basic difference of a 7.5t lorry and for those above speed wise should be a doddle. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this I even tried entering the vehicles as 7 ton to see if that made a difference but it didn't what is going on? when will this issue be rectified? Otherwise this makes the unit not really fit for purpose does it, don't even think of suggesting I set it to van as the routing choice do not suit a vehicle of mines size and I don't wish to add lots of waypoint as I did with my previous car TomTom hence why I bought a trucker version this time fully expecting it to be up to the job and fit for purpose. Needless to say I'm very disappointed on that front."


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    Hi R Smart

    Thank you for taking the time to describe the issue in detail. From your explanation, the issue sounds like a software bug which the customer service has reported to the Technical team.

    They will have to investigate this further so unfortunately, I cannot confirm an estimated time for this to be fixed.

    Since you have updated the application on your Trucker to v16.6 did you notice any change in the way the device alerts?

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    There was no change after the update and its not so much a bug but an oversight in the programming which was corrected will improve customer experience, after much discussion back and forth not just with the customer support but with 2nd Tech it was passed onto the developers to create a software fix, I'm just hoping once done it doesn't just calculate routing like a van because that would be useless it still needs to calculate the routing like a truck but will do in a better fashion as it will now know the correct speed limits for a 7.5t truck. That's what I hope they achieve anyway *fingers crossed.
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    It's nearly 2 years on from my initial reporting of this issue directly to customer services who were extremely unhelpful and impolite to say the least, so I waited for a resolution which didn't come so used this discussion forum to highlight the issue once again and I year on from reporting this issue (which I did get one reply above but nothing to the requested follow up) and now several updates and maps updates, still no change. I gets very annoying listening to speed warnings as if I were driving 44ton truck rather than having the correct speed limits for a 7.49 ton truck I have to say the routing are fine. I don't want to turn off the speed limits warnings sound but even if I did you are alerted on the screen too. This goes onto effect fixed speed camera areas too.

    When I've been feeling a bit broken myself from the issue I have chosen a bus but the speed limits on that are faster and the route choices can be baffling, for some unknown reason it can take you away form an A road on to a B road and the route is neither shorter or quicker in fact its longer slightly on both counts which confuses me more and although I don't get the correct speed warnings when bus is the vehicle type selected because it is apparently the same as a car. I can’t setup as a van either because the routing and timings are all wrong as it doesn't allow for a lorry's inability to accelerate quickly and the average time to negotiate junctions etc., which truck and bus vehicle types do.

    Can someone explain to me why after all this time this issue has not been resolved after all its not just me there may be lots of other users with 7.5ton lorrys out there who would benefit for this being resolved and extremely quickly I'm tired of getting fobbed off.

    Let's see how long it takes to get a generic pass the buck and wait and see type reply from TOMTOM again!!!