Air vent mount for the GO 6200

Ian Alb
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Is there an air vent mount available for this model?


  • dhn
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    Well, there is this one for a 5200:

    Check with support as to whether it will work with a 6200 model:

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  • dmulv
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    I think Mikko's mentioned in the past that the 6200 isn't listed as the larger screen makes it too heavy for the air vent mount.

    That said though, others have said that it supports the 6200 fine.... so it might be worth a shot.
  • kingjohn6200
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    Im wondering what damidge you will do while blowing hot air over the unit
  • arichard
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    I sacrificed one out of four air vents with a Brodt mount which is solid enough for 6 inch models. I have found the position ideal, away from direct sun, not blocking any windscreen, in easy reach. When I built the wood plug I closed the hot air duct behind so now the hot air comes from the other three.
  • brucey
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    I use a Brodit clip and mount over the air vent and it works well for my Go 6200 as I don't like sat navs mounted on the windscreen