Update for TomTom Go for mobile error- 'Can't download the update: try again or cancel'

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I start using TomTom Go for Mobile last summer. Since then I had the same issue with update at least two times.

I'm happily using it while at some time it wanted to update itself and it doesn't work. I also can't use it without update any more.
The symptoms was and is now exactly the same:
I run TomTom app. It says that it has an update for me. Then it says something like 'Can't download the update: try again or cancel'. If I try again the same issue appears. If I cancel downloading it show the screen 'loading app' forever and never starts.

Last autumn I had the same issue and I had to delete app and reinstall it from scratch. Then I have to download 1+ Gb of the maps again. I was at home with fast WiFi and I run app 1 day before the trip. So it was not critical but took me more than hour to run app again.

Today it happened again. The only difference is that I am abroad. I can't reinstall app and download updates because I do not have WiFi and mobile rates are high in roaming. I need to drive home tomorrow morning.

I do not have much words which I can use on this forum to ask app developers why they did the update this way?!!!!!

I'd appreciate if someone from TomTom support can help me till tomorrow morning.


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    While I was writing the question I was trying to install that badly written update, restarted phone some times and now when I run TomTom it congratulates me with a new version and suggest to download a map.

    I have to drive from Italy through Switzerland, Austria and Germany back to the Netherlands.

    How can I download all these maps with the roaming internet?!!!! Each one for the countries is around 1G or whole Central Europe is 2.7 Gb.

    This situation really sucks.
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    Single country maps are useless you need Central Europe. Look for a WiFi Hotspot where you can download this map (if it's not too late).
    Your problems with updates you should discuss when you are back home.