Audio via car speakers when listening to the radio.

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For several years we have asked for this to work.
TomTom seems to be ignoring it.

I have found this in the Google Play Store: AudioBT.
The trial version will give you five instructions and then stop.
For a small amount of money you will get the unlocked version.

I have tried it with Google Maps and TomTom and it works.:$

Søren Nørnberg


  • MikkoK
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    Hi Søren,

    Thanks for sharing your tip!

    This has indeed been quite a frequent request since the launch of GO Mobile. We log all feedback from the forum and report to the product team. Unfortunately, I don't currently have further information as to when/whether this might become available.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    To be honest I am very disappointed at this...

    Tomtom is after my opinion in most aspects the best navigation program for mobile units - by miles, BUT in order for a program to be used, it has to have the functionality also. And unfortunately by this lack of audio option, I am very likely not going to renew my purchase once it expires in 2018 - unless this has been solved. I want to listen to radio while I drive. Yes I know - I could use a radio-app also, and that would solve the problem. True - but it would be annoying when changing stations or driving in black spots without internet connection.

    You, at Tomtom, should aspire to be the best - not only in maps and routes and graphics - but ALSO in functionality - you must learn to see it from the customer/user. It should not be a question about no it cannot be made - it should be "a quest to offer the best". Then I and others would gladly pay. Technicians often say - it is to hard - it is to difficult. This is the road to not evolving. It should be a challenge - and if many asks for it, it should be a no-brainer - fix it.

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    Not sure what your issue is? Listening to Bluetooth audio TomTom sound is over car system, listen to radio I disconnect my Bluetooth audio (an option from my head unit) and the phone speaker does TomTom audio. Takes a couple of clicks?
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    My issue is this - and if anyone has a solution that does not require rooting your phone - and does not cut 1 second off the spoken - then feel free to enlighten me.

    1. Tomtom GO on android - I want to have spoken turn-by-turn through in-car bluetooth.
    2. If I turn bluetooth on - then Tomtom speaks through A2DP, meaning it will not interrupt the carradio - or other things. I will have to have the car media system on phone-media all the time.
    3. I want Tomtom to send speak the same way an incoming call comes in - thus interrupting radio or what else the carmedia is sending out.
    4. If I turn media connection off in bluetooth, but still have bluetooth on due to incoming calls through HFB - the phone still sends Tomtom out by bluetooth - since it is still switched on by the phone - but now it is just silent - instead of using the mobile phones speakers.
    5. If I turn bluetooth off completely to get navigation on phonespeakers - I will of course receive no incoming calls.

    So how do I get spoken navigation - with or without bluetooth - while getting incoming calls through my bluetooth carsystem. So far only way is to get apps that do it - since Tomtom cannot solve it. But it requires a rooted phone or cutoff spoken navigation.

    So - any one knows how to fix this - please do advise.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi musaik,

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback!

    You're touching the heart of the matter there. We're currently using the media channel to send out voice instructions from GO Mobile via Bluetooth® . This indeed means that you can't use other media sources with your car radio at the same time.

    The reason we're doing it this way is that it has turned out to be the most reliable method for sending out audio and works well in the various Android devices in the market on which we support GO Mobile. As this indeed is a frequently requested feature the product team is looking into other ways to do this that would allow other audio sources to be used together with GO Mobile. However, with the amount of devices out there with somewhat different Bluetooth® implementations, this is not a trivial task and, unfortunately, I don't have further information as to when/whether this feature might become available.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • peterbeeston
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    I have got around this to some extent.

    I am deaf and need to amplify the output from TomTom but still want to listen to the radio.

    You can have TomTom use the phone speaker by clicking the gear icon next to the radio's connection on the phone and disabling the media connection. The phone still uses the Hands Free profile for the phone, but since there is no media connection, media output is routed through the phone speakers.

    What I do is then add a bluetooth speaker with only the Media profile enabled. The phone then has two bluetooth connections, the HandsFree profile connecting to the Car Radio and the Media profile connecting to the amplified BlueTooth speaker.

  • jldgoodman
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    It might be complicated to work out how to make it reliably interupt the current radio or other media, but why is it complicated to just set an option to not use the bluetooth connection at all and just send all audio to the phone speaker? this is exactly what Google and other developers have done so it shouldn't be that difficult for a company the size of tomtom to create this option surely?
  • ChristopherJ00
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    Tomtom app now includes an option for audio output channel - it's found at the bottom of the voices menu. Alarm channel worked for me on my Motorola phone.
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