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Mazda NB1 loosing favourites

apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
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I have raised a few call about loosing all my favourites after performing an up date of the NB1 card. I have been told it is not a TOMTOM problem and that the loose is caused by incorrect removal of the card and my calls have been closed. so I have carried out the following.
I removed the card from the car. Without starting Home. I copied the full contents of the NB1 card and saved the contents on a disk on the PC.
I then performed the home upgrade to obtain the latest map in my case EUROPE the program HOME would not let me perform an update before it had performed an update of itself which took it to version (it appears that I get an update of home most times I try to perform an update.)
I then updated the nNB1 card which gave me map V985 8197. I then copied all the files from the card again to another safe disk on the PC to another safe disk on the PC.

I took the nb1 card back to the car inserted it and found my favourites had gone again.

I took the card out again went back to the PC formatted the card and copied all the files from the disk where I has saved them earlier back to the card and went back to the car and now the favourites are all back again. but with old map.

I took the card back to the PC and copied the EUROPE folder ( which holds the maps for us) from the safe place I had saved them after the home update of the card, placed the folder on the NB1 card, went back to the car and I now have my favourites and the latest map. TOMTOM should note that the users are not causing the loss of the favourites by taking the card out incorrectly as this proves the favourites are on the card when the card is updated and the favourites are not on the card once the upgrade is carried out.
also that as the card has been formatted and has had Microsoft scan performed on it there is probably no errors on the card.

The full details from my NB1 status page on the car are as follows
DEV DPxxxxNxxxxx (0) 97.3
APP 10.855.2319141.542 (0) (1815 30/5/2016
BACKUP FS 974588
OS 1550115
GPS GWS 3.2. 5TT3 -CRC 3.301.06- C34P300
BOOT 778626
MAP EUROPE V985 8197 ( that is after my copying map latter.


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  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,011
    On the older TT models, the mapsettings.cfg file contained the favourites. Have a look if you have such file in your backup, update the card/map, copy over this file from the old backup and you'll see if it works on this model also.
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I will check the file the was a missing file after the upgrade as the total number of files but when I tracked down which one I could not read the contents but it looked by name to relate to Germany as it had du in the name and there was another with pol in it should I be able to display and read the map setting.cfg? But I do not think we should have to do this I think my testing proves the upgrade is removing the favourites so how do we push tomtom to look at the problem or even look at the problem is it even safe to copy the map from after the update back to a pre update card as I fear getting into some unknown place and it failing
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi when I first read your update I was in bed using my mobile but I am looking at my pc and the file you mention mapsetting.cfg is not on the NB1 card in any of my old backups dating back before this problem started the file is however in backups of my old GO720 device.
    I would hope that the NB1 which is fitted in the MAZDA5 model with the folding roof as that car is still in progress for early order stage.
    I have checked the extra file in my pre update copy is called ADPOINTS_DUE.DAT which is not on the after update copy the other two files that look the similar are adpoints_cze.dat and adpoints_pol.dat but the later two are in both copies.

    I have also noticed that on my pre update copy there are 548 files 40 folders and on the backup created by the home program there are only 547 files and 40 folders the copy I make after the update there are 547 files 40 folders also Knowing I know nothing ABOUT TOM TOM working or which files do what it appears to me that when you start the HOME program on your PC the program might open a file on the card and when the backup starts the open file never gets backed up and there for after the update the amended backup is then returned to the card the file is missing so a default is constructed with the missing data ( I will have a greater looker at this later but we have visitors arriving soon and wife wants help.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,011
    Just seen another thread, where there is a step-by-step description of how to do it on that model. Look at the recent discussions and you will definitely see the one.
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I think the only way to get this problem fixed is bt every one who has a MAZDA SATNAV to complain to MAZDA support, I will mention make very noises remarks about the problems while at the open day regarding the New MX5 RF when I go this weekend

    in the mean time I will try and investigate more about the file missing.
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Zsolt I have checked my NB1 copy of the working data there is no mapsettings.cfg file I also looked at backups of my wife's GO720 and that one does have a mapsettings.cfg.
    I also looked at the programs suggested elsewhere regarding the mounting of the loopback.ex3 file but when I mounted the loopback.ex3 file the program said the volume needed to be formatted to be able to look at it
    but when I run the loopback3.ex3 file it displays a main unreadable text some of it you can read and it is variations on ( /mnt/movi/art/cars/thumbs/red old timer.png ) many lines like this which unix type words to me but I search the file for words that relate to names in my favourite files and nothing shows up there, as there appears to be no entries in this cal from anyone who works for TOMTOM I am thinking that all our trying has become a leason for TOMTOM as I suspect the programmer has quite to find a job elsewhere.
    I spoke to MAXDA today and they confirm MAZDA has now developed there own satnav, so I just hope they make a better job of it they have confirmed they will escalate the problem within MAZDA but don't hold your breath. I assume.
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    On my Carminat Live (Renault) the file is inside the loopdir\loopack.ex3, which is a linux file system image.
    It can be mounted as a virtual disk with some utilities, e.g. ImDisk Tool Kit, or DiskInternals Linux Reader.
    I suspect that all TT built-ins have the same structure.
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I have contacted Mazda Support regarding this problem first they said to contact TOMTOM, After I told them about the rubbish support we are receiving from TOMTOM the agreed to pass the problem up the Mazda support route but they said there had been no other complaints about the update process or the level of support Mazda user are receiving from TOMTOm so I hope people will backup my problem with TOMTOm and raise more calls with Mazda support thank you
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Milsabords thanks you are correct the favourites for the NB1 is in loopdir\loopback.ex3 file.

    as I do not have the tools mentioned I copied the file direct from my pre update copy to the card replacing the new one and they are all back where they were
  • milsabordsmilsabords Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi apav,
    If you use these freeware tools, or explore2fs, you can export mapsettings.cfg, then edit it and convert it to an .ov2 POI file (POIEdit) and copy it to your map folder on SD. TTH will not touch it.
  • apavapav Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Milsabords
    I tried using POI but with the NB1 go can only navigate to POI if they are fairly close to where you are (I think the limit is about 30 Miles) as I use my satnav mainly for driving down to Spain via France POI are no use to me they will not even let me navigate to the ferry to cross across to France but coping the file across appears to work fine thanks for the help regards Alan
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