Sample Voices not working on TomTom Websites

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I purchased my TomTom GO 6200 back in November 2016 and since then, have been in touch with TomTom direct to alert them to this problem and to get it rectified. Despite my request being escalated to a supervisor and my own follow-up several times over the last 3 months, the TomTom website is still not working and has not been fixed - i.e, you cannot sample any of the voices as the links do not work.

I have been advised by TomTom management that they are aware of this problem, but that they only fix problems in order of priority, based on the number of complaints they receive. Surely this should be a priority for TomTom as it would be a great revenue source.

Have other people also experienced this same problem and frustration with lack of service?


  • dhn
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    It is inexcusable the delay by TomTom in improving the user experience in so many ways. This is just another one.
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    Incredibly frustrating that sample voices not working is not given priority by TomTom to fix - does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this problem please?
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    As it is an issue at their end, we can't do much, apart from mentioning it. Don't understand though, why they just can't store like a downloadable mp3 version of the sounds and any OS could play it natively nowadays.
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    Having the same issue here can’t listen to sample voices as this was my first place to go before I open my new tomtom on Xmas day... which I’m now thinking of sending back and getting a garmin... plz fix this issue and update status thank you...