Golfer- How to track information calorie/distance counter?

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hello can anybody tell me how i track how far i have walked during a round of golf i thought it would have been somewhere in the history of my last round of golf but i cannot find any information ?


  • MikkoK
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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Unfortunately, your watch doesn't support tracking calories. That kind of tracking is only supported with our other Sports and Fitness products.

    However, I'll log your feedback as a feature request for the product team.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    So will it track how far you walk playing golf? Many of the info/unboxing videos say this feature exists?? What is the purpose of the Mysports web app for the Golfer watch nothing gets loaded back it stays on the phone app which is frustratingly small & hard to read
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    Yes, it tracks calories, played time, distance etc, but for some totally crazy reason nothing is stored anywhere, not even into phone app. So after you finish the round all has gone (or at least they are not visible anywhere). Looks like MySports (including the web app) has been designed to earlier general fitness watches, never to Golfer(s) at all since there are so many other "basic or standard" golf features totally missing.

    I can basically accept some features to be coming later with the updates, but I'm starting to lose my faith that it would ever happen. I've had the watch almost a year but all updates so far has been fixing errors (important as such of course) or making some cosmetic changes, but not any new or even those missing basic features has been presented. Being in IT business I know development takes some time, but if the product is technically in the level it should be and there are required resources in place it just shouldn't take this long.

    Somehow looks that Golfers are kind of "side track" for all the fitness and sport watches TomTom produces. However being a really dedicated product to support one sport only it just have to have required features built in (OK, calories and total distance walked may not be the most important ones...)

    I hope I'm wrong and all the missing features just comes soon. I still believe the HW itself has all the features it requires to serve all the golf players. It is just the firmware and especially phone and web app that really needs a huge feature update...
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    Totally agree TomTom please bring your web app into the 21st century!!!
  • G Morpeth
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    Hi, I have just acquired a Golfer watch (not Golfer2). After early use I had a calories figure and distance figure appear on screen though the numbers looked dubious. Can a Golfer watch measure distance walked? And if so how do you access this info on the watch. I don't particularly want to store the info just be aware at the time. It appears from a response to another enquiry that the watch doesn't count calories is that still the case?