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Extra U-bracket for the Bike mount kit?

vovvelivovvenvovvelivovven Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
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Hello friends,

I have 1 Rider and 5 Vintage Motorcycles.

I have the Motorcycle universal mounting kit, works very nice. The problem is that the U-bracket with the big ball cannot be purchased as a separate item.
To get the wanted 4 extra U-brackets with ball I'll have to buy 4 complete kits where the most expensive part must be 12-24 V converter that I already have one of.

Any ideas to get cheap away with this?

Cheers // Ingvar


  • vovvelivovvenvovvelivovven Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]

    I thought that that the mounting bracket were a TomTom manufactured part.

    Thanks for the link - now I'll have to chose witch type that will fit best.

    Although I have mechanical workshop in my garage I can never get the ball rubbercoated.

    Cheers // Ingvar
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    If you know local welder cut a piece of 25mm dia pipe in half and weld two 8mm nuts on either side to match the existing u clamp or make one from threaded bar. Wrap tape around handlebar before fitting to protect same and take out any slack
  • JoelS.JoelS. Posts: 286 [Exalted Navigator]
    for an extra cradle, is a complete kit needed ??
    only need the complete mount with ball, the top part, wiring and mount and ram arm i have. thanks !!
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    If you can not get the ball rubberized consider using brass or aluminium for the ball mount assuming you have accesd to a lathe
  • vovvelivovvenvovvelivovven Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    OK tugman,

    I sure have a lathe... But do you really think the grip will be good enough for holding the quite heavy and clumsy device? Maybe the surface should be knurled.
    I will test this before ordering extra balls from RAM in USA. Usually when buying from US or Canada I have to pay customs, handling fees and VAT . This usually costs some 30 GBP and gives a delay of a week or more.

    We still have winter and the roads are severely salted - not very healthy for more than 60 years old bikes.
    Still at least 6-10 weeks until my bikes can experience "Vernal roads" (meaning "roll-gravel" in all curves)

    Cheers // Ingvar
  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 725 Superuser
    RAM is everywhere... Check for local dealers: http://www.rammount.com/partners/locations/europe-middle-east
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    If you have a 4 jaw chuck you could centre a piece of 25mm thkx50x40mm plate and bore out to the bar dia
    -0.003mm that should give you a tight fit and sufficient room to drill the clamping bolt holes. once done cut the plate down the middle and then have two clamps. See attached

    If not use a length of 35mm dia bar 25mm long and bore out as above cut in half and weld nuts to the two halves.
  • vovvelivovvenvovvelivovven Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks for your link Ste7ios.
    I tried to find this on my own but - as usual - found lots but not what really was looking for.

    I have checked the swedish agent, and they are only wholesale company, however a list of their retailers looked fine. However none of them seems to sell the more styrdy types needed for holding a heavy GPSr on a vibrating bike. Best hit was ( of course ) a large Photo equipment company (where I am registered customer since long time ago). A good starting point as this company is not the cheapest but has the profile to giv 100% support to their customers (who mainly are professional photographers and similair).

    Thanks for your efforts tugman.
    However - my concerns are not at all how to attach something with the 1" ball on the handlebars. My concerns are if a non-rubbercoated homemade ball will manage the forces needed to hold the GPSr in position.

    But after a good nights sleep I concluded that I will try a homemade all metal 1" ball and give the surface some knurls. Knurling a spherical surface is however a so far unwritten chapter in my experience. Maybe I will chose a plain steel alloy (I prefer high grade stainless steel for making spare parts, mostly because the junkbox mainly contains just that).

    Cheers // Ingvar
  • JoelS.JoelS. Posts: 286 [Exalted Navigator]
    if you were closer, i would split a kit with you, i only need the top mount with ball, heh
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    Master explorer

    You do not have to use the ball method. My bike does not have tube handlebars so I made the a different type of bracket for my rider 2 model to fit to the fairing. This allows it to be locked in place against opportunist theft, while say at a filling up but easy to remove if required. I have just made a modified version for the new 400. See attached photos of the R2
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