I have purchased tomtom and program wants me to upgrade

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I had bought a lifetime membership of this program, paid around 60 euros. Now when I log in I cannot ue the service, it asks for more purchases. What is going on?

Thank you.
You've made a purchase from TomTom International B.V. on Google Play.

Order number: GPA.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Order date: 04-Nov-2015 11:12:09 EET
Item Price
TomTom Navigation to GO Mobile 3 years navigation (Europe GPS Navigation TomTom) 0,50 €
Total: 0,50 €
(Includes VAT of 0,09 €)
Payment method:

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    I think you're not alone- I bought full version CoPilot for iOS £49 and 2 years ago for £24.99 additional product from the same developer-ALK "Technologies""- HUD Connector when came on market very advance laser navigation with virtual very wide screen Pioneer HUD SPX01 -£599. I was happy 2 years only until this year when HUD Connector they removed from my applet without any warning, so now I have for my money electronic junk only as they refuse to reinstate my licence for 2 product I paid! Their support site is just fake support good as good is fake news- support developers not customers
    I have also all invoices- but it's just paper- money taken- who cares? Maybe if we live "inventors and developers" with their hi-tech gadgets in warehouses to let them play alone- maybe, ho knows, maybe they start to think
    For cost such hi-tech modern navigation I could have nice all inclusive holiday on tropical island, so next time when I find some new gadget is available - I will pickup hard copy map from dusty shelf
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    Hello tzic,

    Welcome to the Community :)

    I have picked up this issue from here and sent you a private message with steps to resolve this issue.

    Hope this helps !