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Built in device-Peugeot NAC navi update



  • paul10paul10 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    I had to show my dealer some of these posts on here in order to get my 2008 GTLine satnav setup with Tomtom traffic because he hadn't realised that a 3 year subscription was included with that model.
  • edm71056edm71056 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi, would appreciate your dealers details re the registration of Tom Tom and Speed cams on Peugeot 3008 as my dealer is hopeless. Thanks for your help
  • Scorpio2810Scorpio2810 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I know this string has been going for a while but here goes.

    On 9 June '17 I took delivery of a new 3008suv as a company car. Since then I have had several conversations with Peugoet dealers and Peugeot UK trying to get some one to assist in activating the Tomtom services. Yesterday. On the advice of Peugeot UK, I took the car to my local Peugeot dealer who had me sign forms before taking my car away for the activation. 30mins later my car returned but there is no visible sign of any change. I still have the TMC flag in the bottom right hand corner. I've gone back to Peugeot UK overnight and this morning they have replied to say that unless the service is activated at initial build it cannot be activated at a later date. Some of you seem to be saying you have been able to activate the service after purchase, any advice on where I go form here?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Deep SouthDeep South Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Hi Martin, I have a new C3 with the same system. The dealer needs to activate you on the "OVS portal" which only dealers have access to; once that is done then the car is sent a message - if you have the inbuilt GSM card it might come through automatically, otherwise you need to "reset" it by holding the "assist" and "emergency" buttons together for 15 seconds. If you don't have GSM built in you need to connect a phone using the connectivity screen. Then you need to reset the "user profiles". Once this is done it can take up to a day for the update to be recognised by the car; for me it took only a few minutes.
    If you want the speed camera warnings, you have to pay the dealer who registers this on OVS and then update the car in the same way again.
    My Citroen dealer took a while to work out what needed to be done a they were told by PSA it is "all automatic" - which it isn't; my dealer now does this as part of the PDI.
  • Scorpio2810Scorpio2810 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Deep South, thanks for that. Despite what Peugeot UK have said I have the supplying dealer looking at it, hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue for me.

    Thanks again, Martin
  • TrampsTramps Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    After many weeks of painful conversations with Peugeot Direct, 2 Peugeot Dealers and my Lease company I have finally managed to activate my Tom Tom Live Services in my 3008 SUV (2017).
    The vehicle was delivered to me 5 weeks ago with them disabled. The supplying dealer eventually advised me that they have now activated them, but still they did not work in the vehicle. Traffic display still showed TMC and not TomTom.
    After 3 days searching Peugeot forums I was able to eventually find a post and resolve the problem myself. There is what appears to be some key information which seems to have eluded everyone I have spoken to at Peugeot, ....activation is a 2 step process!!
    1. Remote registration\activation by the Peugeot Dealer (this is the bit they completed after many calls and emails).
    2. There is an in-car activation process (this is the bit no -one has ever mentioned before!) See attachment from a Peugeot Bulletin 820a47bb-44d2-4fd3-821a-3c13366d8990.png

    To carry out step 2, follow this 1 page guide, it worked for me, although where the arrow is inserted I had to carry out an additional step as follows...
    Press the piano key on the dash with 4 squares on it, then press "options" on the display bottom left, then press "manage connection" icon from the next screen, then it will display the status of your connections, mine showed not activated with a little world icon below it, I pressed the world icon and then after a few seconds it showed "activated" in the display. I then went to navigation and on the traffic menu it now showed TomTom instead of TMC on the display.

    Hope this helps someone else from having to endure the frustrating events to get these activated if the dealer have failed to do it before delivery.
  • gendubagenduba Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi All
    Eventually got my Tom Tom activated but has anyone managed to update their maps yet. Does it happen automatically over the air or do you need to download onto USB? If download, where from?

    Any help appreciated
  • CornwallDogCornwallDog Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    You have to download both Map and Firmware updates as required.

    Instructions follow:

    [note, I use Google Chrome which automatically translates from French to English]

    Log in to the "MYPeugeot France" site on your PC using your 'standard' login details.
    You should see a screen with a ParisDakkar spec 3008 on the right and menu options on the left.
    Click on My Vehicle.
    Under "My Contracts and Services" click on "Peugeot Connect Nav Update"
    The screen will confirm which updates are available; click on the download links;
    Files are downloaded as zip files; extract them such that for each of the software and map updates you have One "SWL folder" and one "updateinfo.xml" file. Taking each of the software and maps in turn, copy the SWL Folder and updateinfo.xml file onto a USB Stick (FAT32 format) [note; you need to update the Maps and Firmware in separate exercises];
    Turn on engine, turn off the auto stop start/i-stop function (engine has to be running throughout);
    Insert USB stick into car, you will get an "Error Multimedia" message, click the left arrow at the top of the screen;
    Wait a few seconds and the 'upgrade screen' will appear, click yes and wait for the update to complete;

    Apparently you aren't supposed to drive the car whilst updating. I did the map first, followed by the firmware, not sure if there is a preferred order. I used a 32GB USB3 stick, apparently some have had issues with larger capacity sticks?

    Link here: https://www.suvspeugeot.com/2017/05/07/actualizar-firmware-connect-nav-continental/
  • gendubagenduba Posts: 16 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thank you so much Cornwall Dog. Very simple to understand and pictures too!

    Will give it a go.
  • CornwallDogCornwallDog Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    No problem. Each update took about 35 minutes, engine running throughout.
  • mirdjmirdj Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I picked up my new 2008 last friday with TomTom navigation. The only thing missing is navigating on coordinates. If there is one thing I use a lot it's that. Now I'm driving around with 2 navigation systems, one that can navigate on coordinates and the build-in. Does anyone know if it's possible to activate navigating by coordinates and how to do it? I've been discussing this issue all weekend with Peugeot NL but I keep getting the same answer, it's not an option and it's not on the list to be added. I was able to navigate on coordinates in my old 2008 but that didn't have TomTom.
  • gnyfgnyf Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Any been able to get Tomtom traffic activated in Denmark?
  • tmyrdaltmyrdal Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I live in NOrway and here the company that own the cardealership dont get access to the Peugeot webportal to get this activated. So Bertel og Steen dont get access to get this activated, and thats the copany in france that declined them to get access. This is so dam stupid.
  • SvenSvenSvenSven Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I askt the dealership in Sveden when Peugeot France will open up for Sweden so that we can get the added functionality in TomTom and they told me that they have been told that 2020, not before that, not sure if it's only new cars and if it might change before that. We are in the same situation as Norway. I can't understand why they cant open up a webportal were everybody can visit and sign up and pay for a subscription. This is realy strange, I will never buy a Peugeot again. They told me that some people have visited other countries and gotten them activated with different luck. I haven't gotten what I paid for. Did not become better when I realice that my new Peugeot 5008 (2017) are tilting, one cm lower on the left side at the back wheel regardles of full tank on the right side and no person on the left side. I was told that it is supposed to tilt and all of them are tilting, have measured on a couple of them. It´s not a bad joke. I sitt driving compensating tilting my head. It is realy visible standing behind the car that it is tilting, lower on one side. How much are a car alowed to tilt?
    Tilting Peugeot:
  • BejjeBejje Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    I would like to bring this topic to life again as I have the same problem with a new 2019 Peugeot 308 SW GT.

    It's not activated as it seems and installing map updates according to Peugot instructions does not work and fails every time with different flash drives.

    How can they continue to make the same mistake over and over again?
    Anyone got this fixed that owns a Peugot?
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