TomTom Bandit for skydiving and Cookie G3 helmet

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Hello All

I am shopping around for a camera to use when skydiving, and I am settled on the TomTom Bandit (vs Gopro Black 5).

My question is regarding how to connect the camera to a Cookie G3 helmet. What are the options (side of the helmet VS on the head) and what have other users found to be the best (and stable)?




  • MajedC
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    Has anyone had any experience with this while skydiving? Any help would be appreciated.
  • jim xcx
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    I used mine skiing and attached it to the side of the helmet. I think that was better than on top because I could get to the controls easily on my right side. You can see the side of my helmet in the far left side of the video, but it looks ok like this.
    The curved pad stuck really well and it felt secure, but I did add a small lanyard and connected that to the helmet just in case it came off but it didn't.
  • Coolhand
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    I use it while paramotoring and have it attached to the side of my helmet (Icaro TZ).