Planning a thrill on Rider 400/410

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When I use the 'Plan a thrill' option on my Rider400/410 I want to avoid motorways but the route it gives me often takes me through the centre of busy towns, is there an easy way of avoiding this?
I would like to simply enter a start point, an end point & a couple of POIS and go.
I could add stops in order to skirt around the larger towns but it seems a lot of work.
As I'm planning a trip around the UK in the summer it would be helpful to know of any short cuts in planning each days ride.
Can somebody please help?


  • tugmantugman Posts: 333 [Revered Navigator]
    I would be interested in any replies but I think you may have to do some more work
  • BliejeBlieje Posts: 90 [Master Explorer]
    There are no short cuts...
    You'll have to edit the resulting route on your device and add pois to avoid built up areas. Or use Mydrive to create your tour and sync it with your Rider when done.
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    You would think that where possible any plan a thrill ride would avoid towns automatically!

    Town riding is only thrilling in the drivers trying to maim you way. :(
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    Plan a thrill has limited success. It takes more effort but if I want to control the route I import a GPX files after using a web based planner like The drawback is you can't change the route on the fly and there's no option to reverse the route.
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