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I have just started using MyDrive on a Windows 7 PC. I have now (more or less) worked out how to create a route and transfer it to my TomTom satnav device(s). What I would like to do, having planned a route (with or without intermediate Stops), is to give the route my own choice of name before transferring it to a SatNav device.

I think the idea is that once the new route is loaded onto the SatNav device, then you can save it and change the name at that point. The problem with this approach is that when you are transferring the route to more than one TomTom device then you have to do the renaming on each device. Another consideration is that typing a new name is much easier on a desktop PC (running MyDrive) which has a proper keyboard!

Any ideas, please? Cheers, Mike.


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    I still use an 'old' version of ITN Converter (1.90) to do my 'building' of places(routes) on my PC.
    By the way, what are you doing still on Windows 7?
    ITN Conv is my personal choice and in the old days, it was brilliant for creating 'itn' files to load in my old TomTom.
    Nowadays, I use the same tool and just save as 'ov2' files, which are loaded in MyDrive Connect and hence to SatNav.
    Saving with a different name is just part of the app.
    I also think it is very useful since doing it this way, 10 or 15 (I do not know what the limit is) places are all put in one file, which ends up in POI under 1 name. (i.e. like a folder), and access is a doddle through the drill down on the screen.
    Obviously I am talking about Places here (and not routes) as I see no point in saving a fixed route as the whole point of a SatNav is to pick the best route (avoiding hold ups) on the day dynamically.
    Although I have mentioned ITN Conv, there are other tools out there that do a similar job. I just happen to like this one and have been using it for about 10 years. It also means I have every single place I have every put in my SatNav listed on my PC (Windows 10 by the way), and I file by use or county or friends as required. Dropping unused ones from SatNav is easy, but info is not lost.
    Maybe not the help you were hoping for, but maybe it has given you something to think about.
    Regards Z
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    Hi Zebiddy,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, even though (as you point out) you do not address the question which is specifically about 'Routes'. Your in formation about 'ITN Conv' is interesting, but I am happy about handling/transferring 'Places'.

    I am puzzled about your comment 'I see no point in saving a fixed route ...'. Do you never want to travel from A to B via C? This does not imply a 'fixed route', only a two (or even more) stage journey - TomTom works out the route, and avoids hold-ups.

    About why I am 'still' using Windows 7 (which is still in Extended Support until January 14th 2020). My main (desktop) computer is running Win7, and is very heavily used and very reliable. I 'upgraded' my (lightly used) laptop computer to Win10 just before the 'free' offer ran out. The upgrade process did not go smoothly (drastic understatement), and the problems took a lot of time, effort, and research to resolve. I have no wish to risk being (very probably)without the use of my desktop setup for several days - so I will remain with Win7 for the foreseeable future! I know that many people had no problems moving to Win10, but I personally know others who have had significant problems (I have had to sort out many of their difficulties, as I worked in computing support all my life!).

    Please do not take my response as criticism, I have replied at some length as a 'thank you' for your comments.

    Regards, Mike. :)
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    Thanks Mike
    I think we both actually want the same result, we just see different ways to achieve it.
    Tomorrow I am going 'up North', and yesterday I build an 'ov2' file named Derbyshire which contains 7 places.
    I list them in the order that I think I will need them (Using a 'folder' like this in 'My Places' does NOT sort them for you, which is good as far as I am concerned). I set the destination to the first and that's that, after the first I then reset the destination. This is obviously the down side to my approach, but I am just as likely to go elsewhere on a suggestion from somebody, so 'finding' the next location is a choice every time.
    I guess you like the 'delivery' approach of fixed places in a fixed order, hence why you want to use 'My Routes'.
    As for the Win 7 to Win 10, I suspect that I had a more difficult time, as I couldn't upgrade for various reasons including needing a new drive, moving from hard drive to SSD, solving the problem of couldn't do various things because it wasn't possible to get AHCI working. And that was just the H/W side, with the S/W problems being horrendous and requiring 2 long phone calls to the US, the whole upgrade taking several weeks. I too was in IT support for over 40 years, a bit of a coincidence.
    Back to TT, a lot of people use a tool called Tyre, but I had a look a while ago and with the way I work I decided to stick with ITConv.
    I hope you get a more focussed reply as well as my ramblings
    Regards Z
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    I use the "Tyre" Mapping program as I find it easier from the saving aspect and general useage and you can save as a itn (route) or a gpx (track), there are several other options as well but having now looked at itn conv program the latter has far for options for file extension.

    I can then use the drop and drag file method on the computer to load the route straight onto the 400.
    to do this open two file windows. one where the route is filed and the other for the 400 symbol in the PC file.

    To get the symbol to show connect the 400 to the computer click on it to open the storage bar and click again to open the file. Then press import on the 400 to transfer the route file and press done when finished. you will then have to look for the file on the 400 tick the box and import. Job done.

    While you are doing this the Mydrive window may open plus a possible windows one as well, just shut them down and carry on.
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    Thanks to Zebiddy and Tugman for the replies - and the ideas. However, I assume my original requirement for naming routes before shipping them out via MyDrive is not possible.

    Closing this topic now (if I can work out how to!).