Carminat Prepare Route option to confirm planned route?

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Hi, I have the tomtom carminat in my Renault Megane, and recently a route I had used many many times successfully has now changed to divert me to avoid a section of a motorway which I don't want. The problem is that the route starts some 120 miles away to my own house as the destination. When travelling this route if I ignore the directions offered and carry on the carminat rerouts again to detour me around a section of the motorway.
I read in the manual that it is possible to prepare a route in advance. I would like to do this to see what route tomtom would plan for me to see if the route avoids the same section of motorway. The manual suggests pressing the prepare route icon, but I don't seem to have one. Should I have an option to do this?
I don't have the the user setting: avoid motorways set, and I cannot see any setting which suggests that I have the section of motorway flagged as "avoid".

Any guidance or help would be gratefully received.



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    See if you can plan the same journey using TT Route Planner -,-0.34333,9+ver=2

    Look at that stretch of Motorway on the TT Route Planner to see if it has any problems there.

    The Prepare Route option is usually on the second or third main menu page of the Carminat (I haven't got one now so I can't check).
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    Found the option I needed and entered my route. The route was correct without any detours, for now all seems ok.