Bandit Studio Windows 10 Scaling

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I have just installed Bandit Studio onto my PC, Windows 10, 3200*1800 Screen Resolution. This is a QHD display and therefore windows uses scaling to make programmes usable. Unfortunately the Bandit Studio App is not working correctly with this function and is therefore very very small making it unusable. A search of forums suggests that it may be caused by the Bandit Studio App wrongly telling windows it is high resolution compatible so windows does not scale it. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Compare to the normal text on the Desktop Icons for scale.

Could this be something that is fixed in the next Beta update.


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    There should be also a new Windows 10 update coming out soon, which could also address this issue (until a native solution is found by TT).
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    I have the same problem. Is there a fix already?
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    This is fixed now in the Windows 10 Creator Update!

    Right click on the shortcut --> Properties --> Compatibility tab --> Enable the setting "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and change it to System.
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    waar staan bovenstaande instellingen. krijg met windows 10 de action bandit software niet werkend